Synthetic dishwashing liquids leaves little amount of chemical coat or film on cleaned utensils that gets mixed into out food when we use the utensils to cook food and then enters our system. This causes health issues in long run and

Herbal dishwashing liquid / powder are made with organic, earth-friendly ingredients (made exclusively of plant extracts and aromatic oils) all natural ingredients. This certified organic essential oils like soap-berries, neem leaves, organic zedoary & organic lemongrass. They effectively remove coffee and tea stains, grease, tough starch and germs from your dishes and make it bacteria free.
Herbal Strategi Herbal Liquid Dish wash, 500 ml
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Herbal Strategi Natural Dishwasher Liquid Detergent 500 ml
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Rustic Art Lemon Tamarind Dish Wash Concentrate 260 g
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