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Vendor: Ancient Living

Type: Organic and Natural Hair Care

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Organic Anti Dandruff Combo Pack
This combo is the one-way solution to all your scalp and hair problems. It consists of

Anti Dandruff Pack - 100 gm
Brahmi Amla Hair Oil - 100 ml
Shikakai Hair Cleanser - 100 gm
It eliminates dandruff and gets rid of all your scalp problems. It gently cleanses and deeply moisturizes your locks. It promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall. It is packed with vitamins and antioxidants which provide much-needed nourishment.


Ancient Living Anti Dandruff Pack is a blend of 7 potent herbs that get rid of your dandruff very efficiently. These herbs have been used in ayurvedic treatments for centuries and hold the capability to give strong, soft and shiny dandruff free hair. Neem stimulates hair growth and reduces hair fall. Khas Khas gets rid of impurities and treats dandruff. Hibiscus boosts hair growth, prevents dryness, strengths your roots and keeps your locks lustrous and healthy. Methi nourishes your hair by providing it with much-needed proteins and maintains overall scalp health. Use this holistic treatment regularly for the prevention and cure of dandruff.


Ancient Living Brahmi and Amla Hair Oil is natural hair nutrition which infused with Brahmi, amla, geranium oil and coconut oil. This blend of ayurvedic herbs and nourishing oils fights scalp problems and restore your scalp health. They condition and nourish your tresses while adding shine and luster to them. This oil is prepared using Taila Paka Vidhi which retains the nutritional value of the herbs. Brahmi strengthens the roots and promotes hair growth. Amla is a rich source of vitamin C which fights scalp problems like dandruff. Together, they make a perfect solution for strong, healthy, lustrous hair.


Shikakai has been one of the most trusted ingredients for hair cleansing in Ayurveda. It is a nutrient-rich herb that makes a great natural alternative to shampoos that are loaded with sulfates and parabens. It deeply cleanses your hair and gets rid of dandruff. It is perfect for people with an itchy or sensitive scalp as it is a mild cleanser with low Ph and does not strip your hair of its natural oils. It strengthens hair roots and gives you stronger, thicker and healthier hair.

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Ancient Living Anti Dandruff Pack, 100 g

Rs. 395.00