Ancient Living Hibiscus Shampoo Bar, 100 g

Rs. 225.00

Ancient Living Hibiscus Shampoo Bar gently cleanses out impurities, enhances hair growth and fights dryness and frizz with its moisturizing properties. It is a storehouse of vitamins such as E, C, and B which are known for their nourishing properties. Infused with hibiscus powder it strengthens your roots and gives you a lustrous shine. Curry leaf powder prevents hair fall and helps with premature greying. Cedarwood oil treats a dry and an itchy scalp. Coconut oil strengthens and repairs your hair whereas palm oil deeply nourishes your hair giving you beautiful, lustrous locks.

Application: Wet your hair and apply the shampoo bar directly on your scalp. Gently clean your hair by massaging it all over your scalp and rinse.

Shampoo bars are a great environment-friendly option and help you save some bucks at the same time! Their minimal packaging and shape make it a zero-waste alternative. Since they don't come in the liquid form like the traditional shampoos they last a long time. Their compact size and lightweight making them perfect for travel!



It is rich in vitamin C which boosts hair growth.

It is rich in amino acids that nourish your hair, strengthen your roots, and keep your locks lustrous and healthy.

It thickens your hair and adds volume.

It also helps condition your hair, preventing dryness, frizz, and breakage.

It helps you treat issues of the scalp, such as itchiness and dandruff.

Hibiscus leaves help to prevent split ends by keeping your hair strong and hydrated.


It is rich in protein which prevents thinning of hair.

It treats dry hair.

It prevents premature greying and promotes hair growth.

It repairs your hair and controls frizz.


It stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss.

It treats dry or a flaky scalp.

Its antiseptic properties eliminate scalp problems.


It strengthens and repairs your hair.

It prevents hair loss and reduces hair damage.

It moisturizes your hair and increases its volume.


It deeply conditions and promotes shine

It fights off dandruff and repairs your hair

It strengthens and thickens your hair