Ancient Living Tulasi (Hand Cleansing Mini Soap Balls), 20 g

Rs. 100.00

Cleaning your hands is one of the most important steps to avoid germs from spreading and getting sick. These soap balls are infused with the best Tulasi essential oil that prevents your hands from drying up and are antibacterial. Each ball is a single-use product that requires water to be used but minimizes contact which is important right now. This is a portable product that can be easily carried and used while traveling, to sanitize your hands. Hand washing is a superior method of hygiene to a hand sanitizer whenever the facilities are available.

Ancient Living prioritizes on delivering high-quality, opu
lent products to you. 20% of soaps are misshapen, so Ancient Living reuses these soaps to make into mini soap balls that do the job as well as the soaps.
How t apply:
Take a ball and wet your palms. Generously rinse the soap ball in between your palms to form a lather. Wash off with water.