Early Foods Organic Multi Grain Jaggey Millet Cookies, 150 g

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Recommended for little ones who are ready for all grains & nuts. Best if they have 1-2 teeth to chew. If not, you can always dip in milk to help them bite.

These child-friendly cookies are freshly made from 5 different organically certified whole grains & millets, organic jaggery, superior quality dry fruits & seeds that add natural vitamin and mineral supplements to your child's diet. A total of 18 nutritious ingredients!!

Contains ~14 pieces per box

Why Moms love Early Foods:

Made from ancient Indian Super Foods
We make really small batches of food each day. So you can always feed super fresh meals.
Grandma inspired recipes, simple, healthy with minimal processing
No Sugar or salt.Â
No Preservatives, colours or artificial flavours. All Natural