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Go Earth Organic Almond 300g

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Almonds are fruits produced by almond trees. Almonds are used in many ways - raw, blanched, dry-roasted, and oil-roasted. They may also be consumed whole, sliced, chopped, or slivered. Raw almonds are nutritionally comparable to dry-roasted. It is best to store almonds in a cool, dark, dry location. If kept at temperatures less than 40°F, almonds can be stored for about two years. Almond flour is gluten free. It adds a rich texture and colour to your baked goods. Eating almonds in the morning with an empty stomach has numerous health benefits. Almonds are rich in protein and fiber.


Go Earth organic almonds are the tree nuts highest in fiber, calcium, vitamin E, riboflavin and niacin. It is a  good natural source of dietary fibre, protein, vitamin E, and a variety of other nutrients. The Go Earth organic almond pack is assembled following thorough quality tests to guarantee you receive the finest with every mouthful. The almonds cultivated naturally by Go Earth are extremely nutritious. The smooth texture and excellent nutritional content are two of the main reasons why almonds are so popular across the world.

Badam milk is an Indian milk flavored with almonds, saffron and cardamom.

    They are a powerhouse of nutrients. Almonds are high in healthy monounsaturated fats, fiber, protein and various important nutrients. Powerful antioxidants. High in Vitamin E content. Help in controlling blood sugar and blood pressure. Good for diabetes. Reduce the risk of heart disease.
    Health benefits of eating soaked almonds in the morning to lose weight, boosts digestion, lowers cholesterol levels, gives you glowing and healthy skin.

    100% organically grown and certified Almonds

    Almonds can also be used as a midday snack by pairing them up with some raisins, walnuts and pumpkin seeds. Add Almonds in homemade barfis, laddoos, cookies, granola bars and the classic halwa to make the taste amazing.
    Add almonds to the cereal bowl, oats, smoothies and shakes to make breakfast a more nutritious and healthy snack.
    Almond butter is a versatile yet healthy ingredient for several breakfast recipes
    Soak 10 almonds every night and have them during the day to keep your hunger away.

    Go Earth Organic Almond 300g

    Rs. 525.00