Handmade Stone Hand Grinding Mill / Grinder 10 inch

Rs. 2,149.00
(Inclusive of all taxes)
  • In today’s generation, we are tracing back our ancestors’ steps and try to follow their healthy and meaningful traditions, especially in terms of food. The traditional Grinding Stone or Ragi Kal has always found a permanent place in our grandmother's kitchens and traditional household kitchens.
  • This is used to grind Ragi, Millets and more
  • Using this hand grinding millstone is exceptionally beneficial and helps us get the grains’ complete goodness. This Grinding Stone is made from good quality stone and is compact in size. It helps us grind the grains to the perfect consistency we desire.
  • Let us discover the joy of traditional cooking and bring back the fond memories of cooking with these conventional kitchen tools.
  • Our forefathers and older generations were much healthier because they found exercise and gained immense strength by doing almost every household chore manually

Weight : 15 Kgs

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