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Vendor: Heyday

Type: Organic and Natural Baby Diapers & Wipes

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Babies suffer from rashes and itching as a result of wearing synthetic diapers. When a baby's sensitive skin is exposed to unusual chemicals, it frequently develops rashes, allergies, redness, and discomfort. 

With Heyday's all natural diapers, parents can now provide the best care for their children. These baby diapers are made from organic plant fibers and oxo-degradable materials that are free of chemicals, chlorine, and dioxin bleach, and provide high absorption and 360-degree protection. The pillowy soft top sheet ensures your child's maximum comfort.

Heyday’s all natural diapers that are free from chemicals, plastics, perfume or toxins come with three wetness indicator lines for convenient changes(turns from yellow to blue every time the baby urinates). 

Natural and organic baby diapers that are pillowy soft. Suitable for babies weighing between 7 and 14 kg. No chemicals, plastics, or toxins are used in the production of this product. Rashes, allergies, skin irritation, and redness are avoided with easy airflow. Biocomposite Absorber with 360-degree coverage for dry and secure protection. Snugfit Pants with a Stretchy WaistBand for Comfortable Movement.

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Heyday Baby Diaper Large -7 Diaper

Rs. 349.00