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Holywaste Anandha Bambooless Incense Abhra

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Fresh clean rain with undertones of mossy wood and sweet middle notes of lavendar and rose create our version of Abhra


ABHRA Our imagination of the scent of a rain filled cloud, of the first droplet of water that quenches the parched being of Mother Earth. A wonderful mix of woody, earthy and water filled- a true scent of the Elements for you.

  • Bamboo-less Incense
  • Charcoal-free
  • Made from rejuvenated flowers
  • Petroleum derivative free
  • 4 long stick
  • contains a natural and biodegradable stand made with used flowers
  • burns for nearly 30 minutes
  • enriched with natural oils
  • 30 sticks in each pack

Charcoal free
Handcrafted by Rural Women
Made from discarded flowers
Petroleum derivative free

Contains Therapeutic Essential Oils

Dusk or Dawn: Light it just before a sunset