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Holywaste Lush Rosa Petals Soap Bar 100g

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Petals Soap contains Natural Glycerin, Cold-Pressed Shea butter, Cold-pressed  Coconut oil, Almond oil, Blackseed oil, Essential Oils of Palma-rosa & Turmeric; enriched with rejuvenated flowers for exfoliation and Tulsi! ...


Every soap is handmade and packaged with gently. Smeared with generous amounts of rejuvenated Tulsi and floral petals, this soap is enchanting even as you look at it.
The ingredients for Petals is carefully chosen for its therapeutic benefits.
Petals soap contains liberal doses of moisturizing natural glycerin & cold pressed Shea Butter, therapeutic and enriching PalmaRosa & Turmeric essential oils. Cold-pressed Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Blackseed Oil ensure your skin is pampered;
And the magic of the rejuvenated flowers uplifts your inner self after every shower.
One soap is good for your face and body. The ingredients mentioned above are known to keep the skin moist and soft, all season.
(For ultra sensitive skin, we recommend a patch test)

Every soap we make keeps away 300gms of floral waste from polluting our Earth!
They are Not Tested on Animals. Lush Rosa as the name suggests is Rose extravagance! Pamper yourself with a luxurious bath of Indian Rose. Tulsi powder and floral petals are gentle exfoliants to remove the dead cells and rejuvenate your skin. Trust the other ingredients in the soap to leave your skin moist, soft and fragrant for long. .


Cold-Pressed Shea butter, Cold-pressed Coconut oil, Cold-pressed Almond oil, Cold-pressed Blackseed oil, Palma-rosa essential oil, Turmeric essential oil enriched with rejuvenated flowers and Tulsi!

wet body and face , apply generously and rinse