K.P. Namboodiri's Dahamukthi 25 g

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Dahamukthi's special ayurvedic ingredients make it an ideal drink for quenching thirst the healthy way. It purifies blood and promotes easy digestion. Since Dahamukthi's ingredients are in very fine form medicinal benefits are fully absorbed in the boiled water.
Key Features:
Herbal Ingredient Ramacham (Vetiver) roots are used for making medicated drinking water suitable for digestion. It purifies blood, remove body odour and excessive sweating besides its cooling and refreshing.
Coriander (Coriander), regular consumption improves digestion and cures digestive ailments. “Pathimugam” boiled in water, the water gets purified and thereby drinking this water can prevent epidemic diseases spreading through water. It is used as an ingredient in almost all Ayurvedic medicines and because of its prophylactic nature.
Nannari (Indian Sarasaparilla) roots have the medicinal quality of providing relief from constipation, and acidity, while also purifying blood. It is a wonder herb with its cooling medicinal property of protecting one from common summer ailments.
Chukku (Dry Ginger) relieve indigestion, stomach cramping.it helps to enhance mood and relieve stress. Cardamom (Elam) used for flavouring and helps in digestion.
Add one teaspoon of Dahamukthi to 5 litres of boiled water. Boil it again and use.
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