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Mamaearth Natural Breathe Easy Vapour Roll-on for Cold & Nasal Congestion, With Wintergreen & Eucalyptus Oil 40ml

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It helps your baby to sleep better. It is free from camphor, petroleum jelly, paraffin, mineral oil or synthetic fragrances. It is dermatologically tested and is MadeSafe which means it is completely safe for you baby. The roll on is hypoallergenic and hence is great for your babys skin.


Mamaearths MadeSafe certified Breathe Easy Vapour Roll-On for babies is free from harmful chemicals like camphor and petroleum jelly. It promotes easy breathing. Its healing properties of wintergreen, lavender, basil and eucalyptus oil works fast to relive chest congestion, nasal congestion, sore throat and stuffy nose.

Relives Congestion: It works fast to relive nasal and chest congestion
Helps baby to sleep better: The natural ingredients in it are soothing and helps baby sleep better
Promotes Easy Breathing: The healing properties of wintergreen and tulsi promote easy breathing

Wintergreen Oil: Wintergreen is a powerful ingredient, used to relieve chest and nasal congestion. It soothes muscles and helps the baby to relax and sleep better.
Lavender Oil: This essential oil helps to improve breathing and alleviate throat inflammation. The calming properties of the lavender oil helps your baby to sleep better.
Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil antimicrobial properties are effective for treating a sore throat. It is among the most popular oil that is used to relive the chest and nasal congestion.
Eucalyptus Oil: Cold, cough, congestion always responds better to medicines made with eucalyptus oil. The vapours from the oil immediately gives relief to the baby by soothing the congestion.

Step 1 : Roll on directly onto baby’s chest, forehead and bottom of feet for fast relief and comfort.
Step 2 : Reapply as necessary.