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Organic Harvest Grape Fruit Lip Balm 3g

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Say hello to soften and moisturize lips with Organic Harvest Grapefruit Lip Balm. This Grapefruit flavored lip balm is enriched with organic oils, waxes, and butters which adds moisturisation with a touch of Pink color to lips. Creamy and moisturizing Organic Mango Butter helps in locking in the long-lasting moisture on the dry and chapped lips. 100% Organic Lip Balm. 100% Cruelty-Free lip balm. PABA and Paraben free, Mineral Oil-free and Animal Ingredient free. Suitable for women Wax-based.


This grapefruit flavored lip balm has certified organic ingredients like  organic oils, waxes and butters which provide moisturization to your lips. It is one of the best lip care products and heals dry and chapped lips by moisturizing lips.  This lip balm contains all natural ingredients.  It adds a slight touch of pinkiness to your lips.  The butter helps in retaining the lip moisturizers for a longer time and prevents dry and chapped lips.  This is 100% vegan and cruelty free lip balm. Generally shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil are used for manufacturing organic lip balms..

HEALS CHAPPED LIPS: Whatever the weather be, lips being sensitive tend to get dry and chapped. This results in the appearance of cracks that aren’t pleasant to look at. Organic Harvest Lip Balm helps repair such lips by providing deep nourishment.
SUPPLE EFFECT: The base of thick mango butter makes the formula of this lip balm for women very rich in texture. When you apply a layer of Organic Harvest Grapefruit Mango Butter lip balm, your lips look shiny, supple, and luscious.
PROVIDES HYDRATED LIPS: The primary component, organic Grapefruit Mango Butter, is infused with numerous essential fats. In a lip care product, natural Grapefruit Mango Butter provides the benefits of hydration and mild exfoliation. As the dry skin cells are exfoliated, your lips will begin to look softer.
INTENSELY MOISTURIZING: The combination of mango butter and Grapefruit Mango Butters is highly therapeutic for dry lips. As both the ingredients are identified for restoring moisture, this lip butter provides an even layer of moisturization for prolonged hours.
ORGANIC FORMULATION: Like every other Organic Harvest product, Grapefruit Mango Butter Lip Butter is also a completely organic composition. Derived mainly from Grapefruit Mango Butters and mango butter, both these plant derivatives have not been genetically modified for the sake of this product.

Grapefruit & Mango Butter.

Twist the container and apply the stick gently to get moisturized lips. Re-apply whenever the lips feel dry.