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Organic Harvest Objects Disinfectant with Alcohol and Lavender 100ml

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This object disinfectant is devoid of any chemical pungent smell when used. With the properties of Alchohol and Lavendar. This product is formulated to fight germs on non living objects. It is not only 100% vegan and cruelty free, it is also free of any chemicals yet very effective. Be it the hard or soft surfaces like car, doors, bags, cash, elevators or anything else this product helps make them safe for you to touch and use without the fear of COVID 19 or any other infections.

Specifically formulated to fight germs on all non-living objects.
With the goodness of Alcohol and Lavender.
Disinfectant for non living objects.
Contains Organic Ingredients.

Ethyl Alcohol 70%V/V, Organic Glycerine, Lavender Oil & Fragrance.

Shake disinfectant spray well.
Hold upright and close to the surface, spray all over.
Wait until dry, no need to wipe.
Safe on any type of surface (plastic, glass, steel, leather, nylon, etc)
Not recommended to be used on polished wood, painted surface, or acrylic plastic.