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Vendor: Organic Harvest

Type: Orgnanic and Natural Essential Oil

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You probably witnessed flowers being carried to girlfriends, wives, husbands, and loved ones around your city on Valentine's Day. But, unlike a February 14th arrangement, the power of a rose may stay far longer, and we're not talking about drying a few flowers upside down on your wall. Instead, we're talking about rose oil.

Organic Harvest Rose Essential Oil is created with plant-based components and is certified organic. Because of its stimulating and uplifting qualities, rose has a lovely, rich flowery and sweet smell that is seductive and aids in creating balance and harmony. While effectively combating anxiety, rose oil helps to enhance self-esteem, confidence, and mental power.

It also aids in the treatment of stress and sleeping difficulties, works as an astringent, protects the uterus, and aids digestion. Essential oils are a wonderful concoction that operate in tandem with one another. Essential oils perform better when combined with other essential oils in general. You may always mix and match essential oils to create your own mixture.

Organic Essential Oil that is 100 percent organic and ECOCERT certified. It's a vegetarian and cruelty-free essential oil. Free of paba and parabens, as well as mineral oil and animal ingredients. It's ideal for oily skin types and suitable for both men and women. This premium essential oil is packaged in a high-quality brown amber glass container with a tamper-evident seal.

A dropper for pouring oil is also included, allowing for regulated dosing and exact amounts without waste.

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Organic Harvest Rose Essential Oil, 10 ml

Rs. 750.00