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Organic Tattva Organic Brown Sonamasuri Rice 1Kg

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The brand organic tattva is based on the principles of health, ecology, fairness and care. At organic tattva, the team works with accredited organic farmers who do not use fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified seeds so that their consumers can enjoy the benefits of nature and relish nutritious, healthy, pure and chemical-free food, an important factor contributing to overall well being. Sonamasuri Brown Rice is sodium-free. Since it is unpolished, it supplements your diet with carbohydrates and proteins. Organic. Apart from these, a bowl of Organic Brown Sona Masuri Rice (1kg) contains dietary fibres and all the nutrients that are necessary for your body. A 100g serving of Organic Brown Sonamasuri Rice (1kg) contains 0g trans-fat and 0mg cholesterol. The calorie count per serving of Organic Brown Sonamasuri Rice (1kg) is 368.26. If you are looking for healthy lifestyle, then switch to Organic Brown Sona Masuri Rice. Easy to cook. Best quality product. Hygienically packed and processed.


Organic Sonamasuri Brown Rice is an aromatic and light weight medium-grained rice known as the “Pearls of South India,”. With its delicate flavor, it is the perfect choice for pongal, coconut rice, steamed rice or as a compliment to South Indian Curries. Organic brown rice may possess more health benefits than conventionally-grown brown rice, as certified organic products, compared to conventional food crops, contain lower levels of agricultural chemicals that may harm health; however, there is no concrete evidence that organic foods are more nutritious than regular sona masoori rice.

Organic tattva’s organic sonamasuri brown rice not just ensures you get the lowest possible starch content but also gives you the most sumptuous tastes and the organic guarantee that no one else gives like organic tattva.

This traditional rice is high in fibre, low in fat and is easy to digest. Packed with natural oils, brown rice is extremely heart friendly.
It has high fibre content, brown rice facilitates healthy bowel movement and promotes weight loss.
This organic traditional rice helps in maintaining the cholesterol level of the body.
Hand pounded rice is rich in nutrients like fibre, protein, and iron
It is easily digestible and good for weight loss.
Foods with a low glycaemic index are known to lower blood glucose levels and are good for diabetics.
Good source of energy.
Grown without pesticides and fertilizers.

Organically grown Sonamasuri Brown Rice

This rice can be used in both ways - with soaking before cooking or without soaking before cooking