Pristine Ovenorg Organic Dal chawal 80 g

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When back to basics is all you need. Pristine ready to eat Organic Dal Chawal gives you just that, as organic certified basmati rice and toor dal come together in this delicious home-style meal. Desi ghee adds to the aroma and taste.

“Our ready to eat meals are made from organic grains, fiber-rich, and minimally processed, and are 100% vegetarian. Cutting-edge technology ensures that our ready to eat meals bring that ‘just-cooked’ freshness straight on to your plate. Our ready to eat dishes are made in pure desi ghee, the taste enhanced with roasted freshly ground masala. More than just a make-do snack or meal, each of the nutritious and flavorful Pristine ready to eat treats ensure that every day is special.”

Pristine ready to eat treats contain no added preservatives.