Pristine Ovenorg Organic Millet Upma 80 g

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A healthy twist to ready-to-eat foods Multigrain mix of 8 millets, organic certified, fiber-rich and delicious. Made even tastier with roasted cashew nuts and desi ghee.

” Our ready to eat meals are made from organic grains, fibre-rich, and minimally processed, and are 100% vegetarian. Cutting-edge technology ensures that our ready to eat meals bring that ‘just-cooked’ freshness straight on to your plate. Our ready to eat dishes are made in pure desi ghee, the taste enhanced with roasted freshly ground masala. More than just a make-do snack or meal, each of the nutritious and flavourful Pristine ready to eat treats ensure that every day is special. Pristine ready to eat treats contain no added preservatives.”