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Type: Organic Rice and Cereals

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Brown rice is a super whole grain that is likely to be high in beneficial nutrients. The high nutritional content has been credited with the health advantages, which may assist with illnesses including obesity, diabetes, digestion, and heart problems. Sourced from India's most prestigious organic farms.

Phalada Pure and Sure Organic Brown Basmati Rice is organically aged with great care to bring forth the true flavor of each dish. Basmati rice can also be high in fiber, which can assist to lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Brown rice has all eight necessary amino acids as well as a significant quantity of selenium and magnesium, which help with glucose and protein metabolism as well as nervous system function. Selenium is abundant in the thyroid gland, which helps it operate properly and reduces the risk of cancer. They're gluten-free, high in carbs, and high in energy, which helps the body perform at its best. 

Chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, poisonous compounds, and synthetic hormones are not included in the goods.

Natural foods cultivated by Phalada Pure & Sure Organics are healthy for the environment and good for you. The term "Quality Standards" refers to a set My Green Mart is a HACCP-certified company with HACCP-certified manufacturing facilities in India.

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Pure&Sure, Organic Basmati Rice Premium Brown, 1 kg

Rs. 220.00