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Pure&Sure Organic Black Pepper Whole 100g

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Pure&Sure Black pepper is 100% Organic and pesticide free black pepper is also known as kala mirch and is used mainly in south india in the preparation of curries and breakfast items. As the name suggests it is used as a replacement of chilli and black pepper is crushed and used in raita, and chutneys and it is also consumed during the fasts. It is also served along with soups in restaurants and you will never be able to find a table without black pepper.


Sourced from certified organic farms across India, Phalada Pure and Sure Organic Whole Pepper is packed after stringent quality checks and processes to lock in its natural flavour and colour.

Black pepper also known as Kali mirch in Hindi has a spicy flavour which is attributed to the phytochemical piperine. organic black pepper has the added advantage of beingentirely free of harmful chemicals and pesticidesand is relatively fresher due to the absence of preservatives.
100 percent certified organic pepper whole, made from the finest peppercorns sourced from certified organic farms across India, bold, full grain peppercorns with high flavour and pungency
Grown without use of any chemicals, pesticides or insecticides
Cultivated with controlled organic farming practices

People take black pepper by mouth for arthritis, asthma, upset stomach, bronchitis, a bacterial infection that causes diarrhea (cholera), colic, depression, diarrhea, gas, headache, sex drive, menstrual pain, stuffy nose, sinus infection, dizziness, discolored skin (vitiligo), weight loss, and cancer.

100% organic Black pepper - Enhances Digestive Tract Function

Add directly or make it into powder and use in different dishes.

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