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Pure&Sure, Organic Sunflower Oil, 1L

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PACKED WITH NUTRITION: Pure & Sure 100% cold pressed sunflower oil is a light blend made from finest and organically grown natural sunflower seeds. Rich in antioxidants this oil is loaded with immunity boosting omega-6 fatty acids.

GOOD FOR THE BODY: Unsaturated fats in sunflower cooking oil help regulate cholesterol, which is good for heart health. This filtered oil is high in Vitamin E, helps with digestion, and helps to increase hair condition.

WHOLESOME & HEALTHY: Sunflower oil is a better choice when it comes to managing blood sugar levels. If you're watching your weight or have diabetes, it's one of the healthiest cooking oils you can use.

MADE FROM: Sunflower seeds of the finest quality sourced from farms across India that are certified to practice organic farming. The farms grow sunflowers without any chemicals, pesticides or insecticides.

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