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Vendor: Sridevi Herbals

Type: Organic and Natural Body Care

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  • Sunni Pindi is a herbal bath powder used as a scrub and a bath powder to cleanse and exfoliate the skin and make it softer.
  • Bathing with Sunni Pindi is an age old tradition and it is used till date in many families in place of soap

The practice of using Sunni Pindi for bathing has been an age-old tradition across the southern part of India.  Sunni Pindi or Nalugu Pindi is a fragrant all-natural, herbal bath powder to use as a chemical-free, harmless alternative to soap with amazing skin benefits. The mixture is extensively used as a bath powder to ensure thorough cleansing of the skin. It is also used as a wonderful natural scrub to exfoliate the skin gently yet effectively. If you keep using this aromatic herbal powder, your skin will feel extremely smooth and soft.  It enables the skin to absorb the medicinal as well as healing properties of all the herbal ingredients used, thereby nourishing every skin cell and beautifying the overall appearance.

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Sridevi Herbals Organic Sunnipindi, 100 g

Rs. 99.00