I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of wash, the fresh fragrance and the softness it leaves my palms with. I am a total convert now!

Maya Vivek

Thinksafe Dish wash Gel, 500 ml

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This dishwash gel is made from extract of real lemon and other powerful natural ingredients making it 100% organic. Thinksafe dishwash gel contains plant-based surfactants, lemon extract and other natural essential oils and is pH neutral making it gentle on hand and skin but tough on oil stains and burnt-on food.

Proven properties of Lemon to cut through the oil and grease, lifts grime and food from the surface   - giving utensils of stainless steel, brass, copper, glass, teflon coated pans and pots a healthy sparkling shine. 

Natural Formulation makes the dishwash free from acid and pH neutral. As the gel rinses off easily it saves water.

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Production Info

  • Natural dish washing liquid with real lemon extract - Leaves no chemical residue on dishes. ·
  • Tough on oil & burnt-on food
  • Rinses off utensils easily & saves water
  • Non- Toxic & non-Corrosive Removes 99.9% of germs
  • Eco – Friendly and Biodegradable

Product Ingredient

Lemon oil, lime oil, lemongrass oil, virgin coconut oil, potato & Corn Starch, Coconut & palm oil fractions.

Product Health Benefits

Gentle on hands.

Safe on Skin: pH neutral formulation, acid free, Non-toxic & Non-corrosive

Direction for Use

  1. Shake well before use:
  2. Regular cleaning: Add one teaspoon in a bowl of water (approx. 40ml), gently scrub and rinse.
  3. Tough Strains: Use Concentrated product, gently scrub and rinse.

Product Dimension

Comes with 500ml bottle (20x15x20Centimeters)

Product FAQ’s  

1. Can it be used in dish washer ?

ThinkSafe Dish Wash Gel has not been designed for use in a dishwasher machine. It is recommended to be used for manual dishwashing.

2. Is it cruelty free and plant based (vegan)?

The ThinkSafe Dishwash Gel has been carefully crafted using plant-based surfactants along with natural emollients and essential oils and is cruelty free

3. What's used to make foam?

The foaming in ThinkSafe Dishwash Gel is due to natural plant based surfactants present it contains. It is a non-toxic, non corrosive & pH neutral formulation

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