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Free Shipping Above 1000/- | COD Available.                                                                 Welcome to BasicBrowns - Your One Stop Shop for Organic & Natural Products
Free Shipping Above 1000/- | COD Available.

Old Our Story

Hello and Welcome to

BasicBrowns Founding Family

The vision of was started with the epiphany that I had when I was looking to switch family's lifestyle to healthy food and eco-friendly lifestyle choices. When we think of lifestyle improvement it should be a wholesome change to all the products and services we use in our daily life. This was the journey I was looking for myself and my family to make. But finding the right choices was hard and confusing. Organic foods are buried in a corner of the supermarket. There were very few options for eco-friendly household items. Organic and safe personal care items were very expensive or over priced. It should not be like this….

Switching and leading a healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyle should be easy and affordable. And thus began the journey of with an objective to provide an eco-friendly, organic,  biodegradable, fresh, natural alternative to every product that we use from the morning to the time that we get back to bed on a single platform and at a click of the button.

Everything we do at is a reflection of our commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle. It starts from the suppliers we chose, the careful selection of products, set up of our warehouse and delivery system.

Suppliers: Our suppliers are those who share a similar vision as ours. We work with local producers, manufacturers and distributors to source our products as much as possible. Carefully chosen state and national suppliers are chosen only when quality alternatives are not available locally.

Products: Our goal is to provide you with a one stop experience for all products required for a healthy, organic and eco-friendly lifestyle. All our products are carefully chosen to meet our company's product selection motto: IF IT IS NOT GOOD FOR OUR HOME, IT IS NOT GOOD FOR OUR STORE

Warehousing: Warehousing is a big part of any e-commerce business. In building our warehouse we were guided by our principle of living by our motto. Every choice we made reflects our commitment to the environment and sustainable living. We have eliminated any use of plastic in our setup. 

Packaging: Due to the nature of the products, some of our suppliers provided packaging continues to be in plastic. We are working in partnership with our suppliers to use the most environmentally friendly options available while still keeping the products fresh for you. All the products produced/manufactured under our label will always be eco friendly.  To reduce the wastage of corrugated boxes and the damage it causes to the environment, we opted to pack your orders in eco friendly jute bags which of course you can carry with you anywhere for anything.

Delivery: When we set out to building, we had a choice to make. Go statewide or even national launch and use the established courier services to deliver the goods all over the country or start local with the right way to personally deliver the goods. The environmental cost of delivering the goods in traditional shipping solutions was not acceptable to us. An eco-friendly product shipped via these shipping channels causes more damage to the environment than the regular alternative of the product bought locally. So as we start our journey, we have limited our shipping to Hyderabad area only so we can deliver the goods to our customers in our own environment friendly e-vehicle operated by our staff. We will organically grow our services to other cities as we establish local supply chain and warehousing. Fast, Safe and Environmental friendly.

Our Team:

This venture is a dream of 3 siblings having a cumulative experience of over 60 years between them. While 2 of them are based in United States and are providing the technical and strategic support, the other one is based out of Hyderabad. This team of 3 musketeers is a formidable combination of Management, Technology and Customer Service. Three musketeers with completely diagonal thinking working together on the same project can drive any fourth person nuts.  But, for them it has been only this way for the last 35 years…

There are many other people who have contributed to bringing this site together including our father who has guided us, our mother who keeps us going in every way, our large extended family and friends that helped us at every turn and most importantly our partners who demonstrated faith in us to execute this bold dream. 

At the end of visiting our site and experiencing our service, if we are able to remind you of your grandparents lifestyle, we have come one step closer in our mission of “Live. Life. Better”

Contact us:

PH: +91 93926 48704

Registered Office:

Basic Browns Pvt Ltd.

Villa No. 178, The Neighbourhood, Kompally, Hyderabad – 500014, Telangana, India