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Azah Box of 12 Pads All XL (Azah Rash-Free Sanitary Pads for women | Organic Cotton Pads | Box of 12 Pads - with Disposable bags )

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Azah pad with 100% organic cotton with a surface so soft, you won't even feel you are wearing a pad. Each pad comes in a convenient, sealed biodegradable disposal bag. Azah Organic sanitary napkins for women box of 12 offers you all extra large(XL)- 320mm size sanitary pads. XL Size is suitable for medium to heavy flow. Each sanitary pad comes in individual disposable bags.


by Azah

The Rash Free Sanitary Pad
Indias first MADE SAFE Certified Pad Tested to be free from all harmful chemicals by Safe Cosmetics Australia .
Hypoallergenic & Ultra-Soft surface, made with the finest organic cotton prevents any irritation or rashes.
Stays Dry Absorbs 3x the amount of flow compared to the average pad, feeling clean & dry even during the heavy flow days.
96% of women who use Azah sanitary pads reported complete relief from rashes and itchiness.

Made with the finest organic cotton : The top layer is made with the finest organic cotton, leaving a surface so soft you won't even feel like you're wearing a pad.
Absorbs the heaviest of flows : Every Azah pad consists of a superabsorbent core that can easily absorb up to 150 ml of discharge without any leakage, making sure you no longer have to worry about that moist sticky feeling even during the heaviest of flows.
Individual disposal bags : Azah pads come sealed in individual, biodegradable disposal bags. Not only do they make it more convenient to carry these pads, but also make it easy to dispose off the used ones.
A comfortable, rash-free and irritation-free period : Our pad is made using the most premium materials while adhering to the strictest standards of quality in U.S. FDA approved manufacturing facilities. Free from harmful synthetics, our pad is skin-friendly and ensures that you don't have to suffer from side-effects such as rashes and irritation.
Keeps you protected against leakage and wetness : Azah pad can absorb even the heaviest of flows so that you don't have to experience that moist sticky feeling during your period. The extra-wide wings make sure that it stays in place throughout minimizing any chances of leakage.

Made with the finest organic cotton.

Stick the pad in your underwear using the sticky strip on the back. Some reusable pads are held in place with snaps or the elastic in your underwear.
Change your pad every few hours, or when it's soaked with blood.
Wrap used pads in the wrapper or toilet paper and throw them in the trash.

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