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BasicBrowns Bull Driven Safflower Oil L

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What is Bull Driven Cold Pressed Oils? Extracted in the traditional ways at a prolonged speed of 2-3 rounds per minutes by a bull inside a designated perimeter. Extracted oils are filtered using natural sunlight. No mechanization is used in the entire process. They have no traces of any additives as no heat is applied in the extraction process. All nutrients, antioxidants, taste and aroma are retained, just like BasicBrowns Cold Pressed Oils.
Healthy substitute for refined oils. By using an old traditional bull driven method we can retain nutrients and vitamins from the seeds. During this process no heat is involved and no chemicals are added. But later due to modernization this method has vanished. Cold pressed safflower oil / vegetable oil used in South India for cooking. Safflower oil is also known as kusuma oil. Safflower oil is extracted from the seeds of safflower plants at very low temperatures at extremely slow rotation. Include this in your daily diet to get multiple benefits.


Bull driven oil / Ganuga oil  are extracted naturally. It is a completely chemical free manufacturing process. In this method, the bulls are attached to a setup consisting of a wooden pit and a pestle. As the bull moves in a circular orbit, it causes the pestle to rotate, exerting lateral pressure on the upper chest of the pit, first pulverizing the oilseed and then crushing out its oil. The oil is then extracted and filtered using natural sunlight. These cooking oils show no sign of chemicals, additives, or heat application and are made at room temperature. Different types of bull driven oils are extracted by using different seeds. As per ayurveda consumption of pure oil reduces risk of heart diseases. Consumption of pure oils will increase High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol known as the “good” cholesterol because it helps remove other forms of bad cholesterol (LDL) from our bloodstream.


Used for salad dressing and several skin care products.
Bull Driven Safflower Oil / Kusuma Oil/ Ganuga Oil.
Maintain nutritional value because of its purity.
Bull driven oil is totally natural.
Healthy source of fatty acids
Improves blood sugar levels.


Safflower Seeds

How to use

Safflower oil is ideal for high-heat cooking methods like roasting, baking and frying.

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BasicBrowns Bull Driven Safflower Oil L

Rs. 675.00