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BasicBrowns Sesame Laddu 200g

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BasicBrowns Sesame laddu is a good alternative for unhealthy laddus.This is a guilt free healthy snack.  Til Laddu/ /sesame seeds ladoo  is  made with  white Sesame seeds and Jaggery and binder with Cow ghee and  cardamom powder.In this Sesame seeds ladoo recipe they don't use black sesame seeds because it is bitter in taste. Our ladoos are a tasty,delightful source of vitamins.This are very healthy and also contain natural ingredients, Til ke laddu recipe has low calories and sugar is not added in this entire process. Dry roast sesame in medium flame.   Our Sesame laddus are the best options to consume for pregnant women and also kids .This is another iron-rich snack on the list. This Sesame satisfies all your mild sweet cravings and gives the best nutritional benefits at the same time. Healthy snacks are low in fat and no added sugar and high in fiber.In this Til ke ladoo recipe they are  roasting sesame seeds  medium flame in a pan add powdered jaggery .Some people will add roasted sesame seeds to  jaggery syrup when jaggery became ball stage .Follow BasicBrowns in facebook pinterest.


Til ke laddu or sesame ladoos are traditional Indian sweet balls made with sesame seeds, jaggery and cardamom powder. These sweet balls not only taste delicious with a nutty aroma but are also rich in iron & calcium. Sesame ladoos are known by different names – til ladoo, ellu urundai, ellu unde or nuvvula undalu.Til ke laddu/Sesame laddu  are high in magnesium which means they are good for the heart by lowering the blood pressure. Additionally, vitamin E and other antioxidants prevent the build-up of plaque in the arteries. It is a known fact that people who balance their magnesium intake reduce their heart issues.


All foods are made at home so we take care of all kinds of safety and care.
No added sugar /No added Preservatives and Colours.
Good source of fibre.
It can lower your cholesterol.
Improves digestive issues.
Healthy skin and hair.
Plenty of plant protein.
It can lower your blood pressure.
It can prevent cancer.
Stronger bones.


Sesame, Natural Jaggery, Elachi and Desi Cow Ghee.

How to use

Keep it in a cool and dry place.

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BasicBrowns Sesame Laddu 200g

Rs. 180.00