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Coconut Fiber Scrub With Cellulose Sponge (Pack of 3)

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Have you ever noticed what your grand parents in the village or your parents used to clean their kitchen utensils?? Yes the coconut scrubbers. We never felt their utensils were greasy because they were not using the synthetic or steel scrubbers which are not eco friendly.

The coconut kitchen scrub pads are natural, eco friendly and bio degradable. They go back to the nature when you discard them. They are safe for your hands and do not hurt your nails. They last longer than synthetic scrubber and durable. They do not leave scratches on your cookware.

They are effective on every surface, even on baking utensils. They are non toxic and non absorbent which means your dish wash liquid or bar will last longer. It is easy to maintain as it just needs to be rinsed with water and dried.