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Go Earth Jaggery Powder 500g

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Organic Jaggery (Gur) is a natural, traditional sweetener created by concentrating sugarcane juice that goes by many various names across the world. Go Earth's Organic Jaggery powder is prepared from evaporated organic sugar cane juice and contains no chemicals. A little amount of calcium lime is added, which is allowed under organic rules. Organic jaggery is used in Go Earth's Organic Jaggery powder.


Jaggery Powder is an excellent and naturally healthy sweetner. Instead of using sugar in your tea or milk, you can mix jaggery powder.

Though a type of sweetener, Jaggery has more nutrients than the white sugar. It contains lesser amount of sucrose in comparison to the sugar. Takes a little bit longer than the sugar to digest which makes it easy on the body. Is high in Iron and Magnesium

Primarily made from 100% organic sugar cane

Use it in your tea or coffee as a replacement of sugar
Use it in your malts instead of white sugar to get the maximum health benefits of the malt
Replace the sugar with jaggery in your sweets