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Go Earth Organic Raisin 300g

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Original price Rs. 230.00
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Go Earth's Organic Raisins are deliciously crunchy and sweet, and they're one of nature's best-kept secrets. These nutrient-dense raisins act quickly to relieve constipation and provide energy. Kishmish, or raisins, are also a guilt-free snack for those late-night sweet cravings. It contains a variety of vitamin B-complex and iron components, both of which are important in the production of blood.


Go Earth Organic Raisin 300 g

Raisins are sweet and delicious and high in calories.  They can be used in the cereal, oat meals, baked items, sweets to make the dish even more sweet in a healthier way. Raisins help in digestion, prevent constipation and keep the bones strong too. They are instant energy boosters. So Next time you feel low on energy for your next assignment, take some raisins and chew them off...ready in few minutes to take on the next challenge

Are good source of fibre which keeps them easy on the stomach
Are good source of potassium and magnesium
Are fat free and cholesterol free

100% organic Raisins - the nature's best kept secrets

The Raisins are ready to be consumed directly from the container.
Soaking them for overnight and eating them on empty stomach enhances the nutritional value
Fry them in oil or ghee and use them in dressing of your favourite sweet like kheer, gajar halwa

Go Earth Organic Raisin 300g

Rs. 230.00