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Go Earth Organic Turmeric Powder 250g

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Go Earth Organic Turmeric powder is made from Organically cultivated turmeric and is grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Turmeric has many anti-bacterial properties and is used in the preparation of curies and tadkas. Turmeric has many health benefits and it is recommended to add a pinch of turmeric to your milk to strengthen the immunity system. Bring home the healthiness of Go Earth's Organic Turmeric Powder to enjoy flavorful, nutritious, and "chemical-free" meals. Turmeric is synonymous with Indian cuisine, and going organic will allow each of your dishes to simmer with wellness and health.


This pack of organic turmeric powder can be another good option to consider for your overall health and immunity needs. This turmeric powder / haldi powder is sourced from a chemical-free process and is great for preparing turmeric milk, smoothies, soups, Indian curries, turmeric water or other healthcare recipes.

Prevents Cancer Growth Cells.
Prevents Inflammation.
Its Lightens Facial Hair.
Its Good for Immunity.
Its Heals Wounds.
Its Acts as a Skin Tonic.
Its Lowers Cholesterol.

100% Organic.
Grown free from pesticides and chemicals.

Perfect for making traditional recipes at home, our organic turmeric powder can be used for seasoning and flavoring.

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