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Go Earth Organic Whole Wheat Grain 5Kg

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Go Earth's Organic high-quality wheat grain produces the finest rotis, which are softer and fluffier and delicious to eat. Because it is devoid of chemicals and adulterants, you can taste the goodness of nature in every bite. It has a rich fragrance, as well as a unique sweetness and a softer dough.


Hardly any Indian Kitchen which does not use Wheat flour, but if the wheat flour is made yourself before your own eyes then it is the purest form of wheat flour.  This is the way our mothers and grannies use to made soft, pluffy and tasty roti's and puri's. The wheat grains are already cleaned and are ready to be made into flour

  • 100% Organic
  • It has a rich aroma
  • Premium quality grain

The whole grain in made into flour in front of your eyes to ensure there is no adulteration of any other flours

Certified Organic whole wheat grains

Dry them in the open air for a few hours and then get it ground from your nearest chakki. Do not close the lid immediately after the grains are grinded and when the flour is hot. Leave the lid open for a few minutes. It is now ready to be used for making softner, pluffiers rotis and puri's