It's very effective if you follow the instructions. Value for money product and most importantly its chemical free so its safe as well.

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Herbal Strategi Herbal Cockroach Repellent Spray, 100 ml

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Cockroaches can infect food as it contains bacteria in their waste and saliva. It can cause food poisoning, diarrhea, Staphylococcus infections and several diseases through their droppings and direct contact as well if we avoid their presence in our home. They can deposit bacteria onto uncovered food too. At the end, it is going to make us suffer and we become sick!

Now what is the solution to get rid of cockroaches? Want to get rid of cockroaches?

There are ways to kill or get rid of cockroaches. Most effective way is to use Cockroach repellent. They are designed to kill cockroaches.

Here we have Herbal Strategi Cockroach Repellent Spray, comes in a 100ml pack, which is 100% herbal with plant extracts and aromatic oils as ingredients. It doesn’t cause side effects to any member of your family as it is made up of natural ingredients. Feel free to apply spray at walls, nearby dustbins, under sink, bathroom trap area, in walls of kitchen cabinets and at any places where you find cockroaches moving.

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Product Description

Complete Solution for Cockroach Free Home

People mistakenly believe that cockroaches only infest dirty houses. Unfortunately, cockroaches are equal-opportunity invaders. Even spotlessly clean houses can attract cockroaches. These pests can carry disease and can cause food poisoning and trigger allergies and even asthma attacks as a result of the dander of discarded exoskeletons and feces.  Cockroaches in your house may have already been there when you moved in. Roaches are also easily transported from infested dwellings to new places, so they may have moved with you from your previous home. They may come from your neighbor’s property, or they may enter your house from their outside habitat. Roaches can also get in the house through the plumbing. They migrate between apartments by traveling along the plumbing within a common wall. To prevent this migration, seal holes in common walls and around plumbing pipes. Oriental cockroaches enter buildings from their outside habitat by moving along plumbing pipes, usually up through the floor from underneath the crawl space, and under door or window jambs. Use window screens and seal openings around doors and windows to keep the cockroaches outside.

Sewers or drains are other cockroach entry points. Repairs on the sewer system may lead to displaced American cockroaches entering buildings. Seal or use screens for large openings around outside drainage lines and sewer vents. Use tightly packed steel wool as a temporary filler until the openings can be sealed properly.


While they don't usually bite, cockroaches can still cause health problems for some people in an infested house or apartment. Some people can experience allergy and asthma symptoms from breathing in cockroach skin and waste.

If you think you have cockroaches, do not panic. Finding roaches is not a sign that your house is dirty. Even if you clean regularly and maintain a tidy home, cockroaches can usually find food and water without much trouble. This allows them to thrive in many environments.


Cockroaches are also great at hiding. There are many places throughout the home where a cockroach can hide. By understanding a cockroach’s ideal environment and feeding behavior, you may have a better chance of identifying areas in your home that a cockroach may prefer.

  • Cockroaches prefer to shelter in narrow cracks and crevices.
  • Check behind refrigerators, under sinks, and in dark drawers or cabinets.
  • They forage for food at night, eating a wide variety of foods and non-food materials. This allows them to survive even in clean homes.

Product Ingredients

This Cockroach Repellent is made From:

  • Cymbopogon Citratus, (Bhutika Oil)
  • Cedrus Deodara, (Devadaru Oil)
  • Azardirachta Indica, (Nimba Oil)

Health Benefits

Non Toxic repellent so that your loved ones are always living in safe environment. 

100% Herbal Cockroach Repellent

Vegan and Cruelty-free

This does not cause any side effects to you or your family


Direction for Use

  1. Apply spray liberally at wall conners, around dustbins in kitchen area, on inside wall of kitchen cabinets, under kitchen sinks, bathroom nanny trap are and any place where cockroaches roam.
  2. It is ideal to spray in the above areas at night before sleep.
  3. Spray at night continuously for 10 days and repeat spray every 3 Months.

Product Dimension

Comes packed with 100 ml bottle

Product FAQ's

1. What is the effective rate when there are no chemicals?

These Cockroach repellents are made from natural extracts of Cymbopogon Citratus, (Bhutika Oil)

Cedrus Deodara, (Devadaru Oil) Azardirachta Indica, (Nimba Oil), which makes their nature to repeal the cockroach without any extra need for chemicals. To be added hence these are proven as much as chemical products.

Plant-based repellents have been used for generations in traditional practice as a personal protection measure against host-seeking mosquitoes. Knowledge on traditional repellent plants obtained through ethnobotanical studies is a valuable resource for the development of new natural products.

These natural and organic repellents are nontoxic and provide a safe environment so that your loved ones and pets can spend their time in a safe and environment friendly environment.


2. Does it have an Odour?

Herbal Strategi Cockroach Repellent is odour- free


3. How many times should it be Sprayed

For Most best Performance of the Product, it is recommended to Spray at night continuously for 10 days and repeat spray every 3 Months to be most benefited from the product.



Do not spray on the body, clothes, Floor and main wall area.

Store in a cool place/Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Rinse kitchen vessels and utensils before use.

Switch off Fans when spraying.

Avoid contact with eyes, cuts, wounds.

Keep away from children and direct flame 

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