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Herbal Strategi Rat Repellent, 50g

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Introducing Herbal Strategi Rat Repellent Cake. Firstly, this Herbal Rat Repellent is a natural product that consists of bio-degradable ingredients such as pure Citronella Oil, Neem Oil, and Cedarwood Oil. The fumes from the cake irritate the eyes of the rat and that’s how they move away from the place. It is an ideal alternative to chemical and poisonous rodent traps and baits, as it works to repel the rats through scent, without harming them.


One of the frightening sights is spotting a rat or a mice in your home, office, warehouse or any place inhabited by humans. Sighting of rats or mice is a sheer nightmare as they can carry and transmit diseases to people. They may also cause damage to the property -- furniture, plastic storage containers, even wires of the cars that are parked. Rat repellents created using traditional chemical ingredients are designed to kill rats. Other unpleasant approaches, such as rat traps, are both brutal and time-consuming to maintain.

Herbal Strategi's Rat Repellent Herbal Rat Repellent Cake is a novel technique to permanently keep rodent threat masters out of your home, office, warehouse etc. The Herbal Rat Repellent is made with all-natural components including Citronella, Neem, and Cedarwood, and is safe for both your children and pets.

The products do not contain any harmful chemicals. They are:

Non-toxic and biodegradable
Made exclusively from natural ingredients and plant extracts
Never tested on animals
Kind to waterways and marine life
Safe for kids and cause zero side effects

This Herbal Rat Repellent is made from the below Ingredients: Each 100 gms contains

Andropogon nardus , Lamajjaka Oil - 15%,

Azardirachta Indica * Nimba Oil – 5%,

Cedrus deodara *Devadaru Oil – 5%,

Excipients - QS,

Remove the outer lid and take out the seal. Insert back the outer lid so the cake is exposed to the air. Place the container under vehicles in areas such as bonnets and car boots where rodent infestation is anticipated. The fumes of Aromatic Oils from one container will cover an area of the car and will last for 25 -30 days. Once the cake in the container disappears, replace it with a new container.

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