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Herbal Strategi Termite Repellent Spray 100ml

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Original price Rs. 240.00
Rs. 240.00
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Termites are one of the most stubborn pests that can engage in havoc if left uncontrolled. They have the capability to nest on nearly anything and almost everything. They commonly feed on wood, leaves or branches of bushes, papers and plenty of others. Although, these small insects are extremely powerful capable of even destroying the complete constructing. Natural Termite Repellent Spray – Just Out is a 100% herbal repellent made up of Natural Oils and Herbal Extracts which is effective in eliminating Termites.


Termites also known as white ants and in Hindi as deemak are more common than we realise, and they can destroy your wooden furniture, as well as your delicate books that you enjoy reading on occasion. They can make almost anything their home and can live in your furniture, creating small tunnels to move around and causing structural damage and weakening them.

Traditional chemical-based termite repellents have a strong odor and even compounds that can irritate your respiratory system and eyes, making them dangerous to your loved ones and the environment. Herbal Strategi Termite Repellent Spray is a new and safe way to keep these wood-boring insects out of your house. Herbal Spray is made with all natural elements like Lemongrass, Neem, and Cedarwood making it a safe product for you, your family, pets and environment. Infected wood furniture's fissures and gaps should be sprayed. On dirt tunnels and trails, as well as doors and cupboards. It aids in the removal of adult termites and the prevention of re-infestation by preventing the hatching of eggs

Termite free home
Refreshing natural fragrance
Non irritant natural solution

This Herbal Termite Repellent is made from the below Ingredients: Each 100 ml contains
Cymbopogon Citratus * Bhutika Oil - 6 ml,
Cedrus deodara *Devadaru Oil - 6 ml,
Azardirachta Indica * Nimba Oil - 15 ml,
Excipients - QS,

Spray on crevices and gaps in infected wood furniture, doors, cupboards and on mud tunnels and trails seen on walls. Repeat spraying every 10 days for a period of 2 months. This will eradicate the termites and will not allow eggs to hatch.

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Herbal Strategi Termite Repellent Spray 100ml

Rs. 240.00