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Herbal Strategi Toilet Cleaner, 500ml

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A clean toilet is an essential aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. A messy bathroom is not only unappealing to look at, but it can also make its users sick, as an unclean toilet may serve as a breeding ground for a variety of bacteria and microbes. The Toilet Cleaner is a must-have among your household cleaning items to keep your toilet hygienic and clean.
Herbal Strategi Toilet Cleaner is eco-friendly and made solely of herbal components (coconut based surfactants and aromatic oil extracts), unlike other chemical household disinfectants . The product helps to prevent calcification and eliminate hard water stains while also fighting odours and deodorizing the toilet. It's made up of a one-of-a-kind blend of plant extracts and fragrant oils that are all 100% herbal.
Herbal Strategi Toilet Cleaner is made to be safe for your skin and devoid of hazardous substances, ensuring the safety of your children and pets. It reduces calcification and removes Hard Water stains effectively. Lemon Oil provides a refreshing scent that eliminates the damp odor that is frequent in restrooms. It not only cleans the toilet, but also maintains it free of disease-causing bacteria and leaves a pleasant scent behind.


Maintaining the toilet at home is a challenge that all of us have.  It requires regular cleaning. The higher is our exposure to the chemical laden cleaning agents the higher is the risk we take for our health as we inhale those toxins. They cause itching, burns and respiratory oedema

Shifting to a chemical free Herbal Strategi Toilet Cleaner prevents the inhalation of the toxins and protects our health while doing its primary job of cleaning the toilet and helping in easy maintenance


Chemical free, herbal toilet cleaner.
If you replace the bleach for more eco-friendly options like this product, you’ll find that the air quality in your bathroom greatly improves, preventing the chemical smell lingering in the air, removing the chance of inhaling toxic chemicals as you wipe down surfaces.
Should not be mixed with any other household disinfectants or acid or any other cleaner. Avoid direct contact with cuts, eyes, and also wounds. Keep children away from the product. For external use only.


Coconut-Based Surfactants, Soap Nut Oil, Lemon Oil.

How to use

The Herbal Toilet Cleaner can be squirted into the toilet bowl and underneath the rim.
After lathering by using a scrub, wait for about 5 to 10 minutes.
After this the toilet can be flushed, and the process repeated if necessary .
This acid-free product is biodegradable.
A Perfect cleaner for Western and Indian Toilets

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Herbal Strategi Toilet Cleaner, 500ml

Rs. 165.00