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Skin care is critical not just because it impacts our outward appearance, but also because the state of this organ has an impact on our entire health. While there are numerous commercial cosmetic skin care products on the market, the majority of them include artificial and processed chemicals that have the potential to produce adverse effects.

Choose a natural method if you want to be safe while still taking care of your skin. People have become more interested in using saffron soap for skin health in recent years. As a result, we bring you Khadi Natural Saffron Soap.

It's a great ayurvedic soap that's filled with gentle herb extracts, vitamin E, pure Turmeric, and sandal oil to cleanse the skin and body from illnesses, toxins, and grime. It refreshes the skin by removing dead cells. Turmeric Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Vitamin E, Mulethi, Manjistha, Ghrit Kumari, Glycerine, and Bar Base are the main ingredients (veg. oil). The exfoliating qualities of Khadi Natural Saffron Soap aid in the removal of dead skin cells.

This soap's natural components assist to lighten blemishes and scars. Its antioxidant qualities aid in the shine and radiance of the skin. The skin is smooth and supple after using this soap. 

Saffron is good for the skin since it includes a lot of vitamins and antioxidants that are good for it. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to calm the skin. It's antifungal and antibacterial, and it can be used to treat acne.

It is suited for all skin types and it can be used by both men and women.

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Khadi Natural Herbal Saffron Soap 125 g

Rs. 80.00