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by Meyer

Meyer Pre Seasoned Cast Iron 24cm Deep Kadai

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Rs. 4,275.00
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Today most of the pollution is using stainless steel utensils for cooking and not being aware about the nickel and chromium polish, which affect the health of a family. Choosing the right cookware is critical for achieving faultless outcomes when cooking. We can use the greatest products, tried-and-true recipes, and aromatic spices, but it won't matter if the cookware isn't up to the mark.
Meyer Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Kadai cookware evokes memories of classic flavors and aromas. The heavy gauge strong construction ensures rapid and consistent heating as well as long-term heat retention when used with a low flame. Put your fears and troubles aside and invest in kitchenware that has been delivering great results for decades. It's time to rediscover the enchantment of cast iron cookware and rediscover the benefits of excellent health. The benefit of pure cast iron kadai cookware that will last a lifetime of toxin-free, non-reactive cooking.


Generations back cast iron cookware was part of our kitchen but they started disappearing from the kitchens as lightweight cookware started flooding the market. Getting back into fashion now!!

Once the cast iron kadai becomes non-stick it develops a nice sheen which you will get after using the kadai for a while.  This means it takes less oil for cooking – good for health and pocket. No enamel or chemical coating is applied. It adds iron content to the food giving both good taste and necessary nutrients. Can be used both on the stove and Oven. Lasts for Lifetime and comes with a Warranty for lifetime.

A good seasoning makes all the difference – Meyer Pre-seasoned Cast-Iron cookware has been thoroughly pre-baked with penetrating 100% vegetable oil. The more you use your cast iron, the better the seasoning will get

The glass lid lets you monitor the cooking process without having to remove the lid which is also rimmed with food-grade silicone.

Transparent lid works in multiple ways as it locks in moisture and also keeps your food warm after it is cooked

Meyer Kadai features large loop handles, making it easy to lift and move the Kadai. A complimentary set of handle grips are provided for handling the Kadai - as the handles will be hot!

Oven-Safe up to 180°c. Metal utensil safe.


Hassle-free lifetime warranty
Helps reduce the use of oil and cooking gas while retaining the nutrients and adding iron to the food.
Retains heat for a long duration.
Balanced and comfortable grip.


Cast iron is made from an alloy of carbon, iron, and silicon. 93-96% of the alloy is Iron, while 2-4% is carbon and the rest is silicon.

How to use

This is a pre seasoned cast iron kadai ready to be used immediately on purchase.
Just wash the pan with hot water. It is recommended not to use soap or dish wash liquid for cleaning as the pan is already pre-seasoned.
After washing, dry the pan with a dry soft cloth and apply a coating on the pan with cooking oil.
You may have to do it a few times before starting cooking in it as it will remove all the residue on the pan.

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Meyer Pre Seasoned Cast Iron 24cm Deep Kadai

Rs. 4,275.00