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Have you stopped to reflect on how much flour your family uses on a daily basis?  The pantry staple item and you don't even give it a second thougt. Have you ever stopped to think about is the Flour milled from pesticide-free grains? You should. 

Pure and Sure Organic Wheat Flour is milled from the finest wheat grains that are sourced from certified organic farms from across India. Farms that practice Chemical, Pesticides and Insecticied free farming following controlled oranic farming practice. 

Why  Organic Flour?  A pesticide-free grain that is grown in a soil that is feed fertilizer based on natural substance developes by taking more nutrients from soil making it robust, rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants thereby making it healthier and more nutritious. It is good for the elderly and ideal feeding infants. 

Each kernel of wheat used in Pure and Sure Organic Whear Flour(atta) is picked carefully from farms. It is then cleaned, processed and packed in the most hygienic conditions. Whole wheat atta is considered to be a natural source of 300 types of Enzymes, Magnesium and Minerals and since ages, it has been an integral part of our daily food.

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Pure&Sure, Organic Wheat Flour, 1 Kg

Rs. 62.00