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Grindstones Hand Grinder / Ammikallu / Sil Batta Large Size (Grey) for Kitchens (12 in)

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Forget the food processor, blenders and mixer-grinders of today. Real flavor came from grinding spices and aromatics with an Ammi Kal. Ammikal is a flat stone with cylindrical, movable stone on top that is used to make wet/dry masalas and chutneys in Indian households. Ammikal is best for crushing various spices like ginger, garlic, pepper, coriander, spice mixes and many more. Sil batta is used in the kitchen for cooking south Indian Cuisines. It gives a very good taste and aroma of your spices and food and makes the experience of eating delicious and healthy food. Perfectly made for a home kitchen.

Sanni / Sil batta / Ammikal is a masala wet grinder made of stone.  A flat portion of stone and a round stone.  Keep the ingredients on the flat portion and press them with round upper portion with both the hands. Hand Grinder- Compactible Ammikallu or Grindstones are primarily used for grinding ingredients like wet spices, vegetables, coconut etc., to get a paste, which is later used in preparing delicious dishes. Grind Stones or Ammikal comes with a large rectangle stone on which the spices are placed and an oval shaped rolling stone is used in grinding the spices through a forward and backwards motion.

Dimensions :12 inch x 8 inch x 3 inch

Weight : 14.5 Kgs

It enhances the aroma and taste of the spices.
Not only taste and aroma, it would be good exercise for the women.

Place the material you want to engrave on a flat surface, and move the cylindrical object back and forth.

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