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Timios Apple Millet Pan Cake Mix With Cocoa 150g

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by Timios

Contains NO Maida. The organic Ragi millet, multi millet, jowar, jaggery powder,
oats, apple and cocoa powder provide the best nutritional breakfast or snack for
your kid. They are a rich source of fibre and keeps the person energetic.
This product is suitable for both the kids and adults. Is an instant mix and easy to
No artificial flavours, colour or preservatives are added. Contains no Maida


Organic Ragi (27%), Organic Jowar (27%), Organic Jaggery Powder (25%), Oats
(10%), Apple Powder (5%), Cocoa Powder (2%), Cinnamon Powder (1%) and
Baking Powder


  • Timios healthy pancake mix, contains no Maida, preservatives or colors
  • With Ragi being rich in calcium, dietary fiber and protein, improves bone health. Ragi also supports healthy weight gain among kids.
  • Fiber rich Jowar enhances digestion and boosts immunity. Jowar possesses a higher digestibility factor than that of Wheat, that breaks down the protein and makes it easy for the body to absorb.

Directions For Use

  • Take 1 cup of Timios Pancake Mix and add 1tsp butter and 1/2 cup of milk.
  • Mix it into a smooth batter.
  • Warm a flat non-stick pan to medium heat. Pour the batter onto the heated
  • pan and cook well on both sides.
  • Pancakes can be served with butter and honey, peanut butter, maple syrup
  • or freshly cut fruits of your choice