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BasicBrowns - Bringing us back to basics | BasicBrowns

BasicBrowns - Bringing us back to basics

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is the fact that we as a society have moved too far away from the basics of healthy living. In today's lifestyle we have discarded the virtues of our previous generation and have given into the corporate culture.

When we first met someone, we put our hands together and greet them with a humble "Nameste".  Then came the handshakes and then the friendly hugs. Don't get me wrong, I am not against shaking hands in business deal or hugging the dear ones in family and friends. But look around and see where we are with social interaction today. Waving hands from a distance, bumping the elbows and just avoiding each other. Let's go back to the basics. Let's greet each other with a Namaste. It shows the respect not only to the person you are meeting but also breaks the ice like only it can do.

Why am I talking about greetings and social interactions on a blog about Organic and natural products? Take a look around in your home. Every product we use starting the personal care products in the morning, the food we are eating, the cookware we cooking in, the cleaning products. Almost everything in our life is being pushed to us through the relentless marketing for large corporations that don't have anything but their bottom line in mind. For years now big companies sold us toothpastes with all sorts of chemicals. They claimed these products were better than the neem and salt that our grandparents used. Guess what the big companies are returning to now? Toothpastes with neem extracts and salt.

No. I am not telling you to throw away your toothpaste and go to the neem tree and pull out a stem and start chewing and brushing your teeth with it. What I am saying is that our basics have always been strong. It is time for us to go #backtobasics. Let's switch to Organic foods, Natural and Organic Personal care and beauty product, Eco friendly cooking, Natural and Bio-degradable disposables, Natural home cleaning products. The taste of organic food, the freshness of natural cleaning products, the protection of natural baby products. Nature gives us everything we need to live a healthy life. Let show you how. 

At our mantra is to Live. Life. Better #livelifebetter. With a selection of products in all aspects of our daily lives is your partner in bringing the best #organicfoods, #ecofriendly life style to your family. Follow us on facebook (, instagram ( and twitter for the latest news, products and sale offers. I would love to hear from you on your thoughts about how we can take you back #backtobasics.

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