Why BasicBrowns.com

Why BasicBrowns.com

At BasicBrowns.com, we are committed to bringing Organic, Natural and Environmentally Sustainable lifestyle to you in an affordable and convenient fashion. It all starts with building the right supply chain from sourcing to warehousing to delivery. We have carefully thought about every step of our business process to ensure that we bring you the best products at lowest cost while keeping our environmental footprint to minimum.

This is  hefty goal we set for ourselves. Let's talk about how all of this is brought together at BasicBrowns.com

Who we get our products from 

Our products are sourced from local suppliers as much as possible. This not only brings us back to the basics of supporting our local economy, it also reduces the environmental impact of long distance transportation of goods. A majority of our suppliers are women and minority led organizations that proudly share our common vision for natural, organic and environmentally friendly products.

Yes, of course we have products that are sourced from other states when the best quality products specially in personal beauty care, baby care or home care are not available in our local area at an affordable price. We continue to look for manufacturers and suppliers that fit our vision. Check our "Meet our Suppliers" section and get to know our supplier community.

How we built our warehouse

We store our products in the most environmentally friendly warehouse possible without making it exponentially expensive to operate. If a material was non environmentally friendly or recyclable, it did not get used in our setting up of our warehouse. As a warehouse that store organic food and natural products we need store them in pest free environment for that purpose our partner in pest protection only uses natural pest repellent products.

Could we eliminate the use of plastic fully? Unfortunately no. At least not yet. Given the nature of the products and need to preserve the freshness some products we stock are still in the plastic bags. We also push our suppliers to make the product packaging as environmentally friendly as possible. As we grow our goal is to make our warehouse essentially a plastic free storage environment.

How is your order packed for delivery

We take utmost care in our order packaging process to ensure the accuracy of your order. Once the products are picked, we pack them in our environment friendly, re-usable jute bags the reflect our vision. These bags are yours to keep and re-use for your next trip to the market. Of course, we would want you to come back to us for all your needs but we realize we are not Amazon, or at least yet. Show off your commitment to natural, reusable and sustainable lifestyle with our trendy brown bag. Post a picture of you with our bag in the market on our facebook. We might even give you an extra discount coupon for helping spread the word.

How is your package delivered

Have your ever thought how your environmentally sustainable item that you ordered from the big box eCommerce store got to your door step? Apart from the using absurd amount of plastic or other harmful materials to pack, the delivery itself causes more environmental damage than you would imagine. What is the purpose of buying environment friendly products if it results in even more damage to the environment. At BasicBrowns.com, we use our own e-vehicles driven by our trusted employee'd drivers to deliver your order. This costs us more than just using the established courier services but we wouldn't be us if we didn't care for our environment. So next time you see our auto in your area, you know we are doing our part in bringing the best organic, natural and environmentally sustainable products at the most affordable prices in that environmental friendly vehicle along with a friendly face that you will come to recognize.

BasicBrowns Delivery Auto


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